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22 January

Choose A Reliable Rotherham locksmith Wisely

I don’t want to start 2023 off on a negative foot, but I’ve recently been thinking about minor irritations. You know, those things that make you tut and go “oh shucks”. For instance, jumping out of an aeroplane and then realising you’re forgotten your parachute. That would really stick in your craw. Or trying to install Zoom on your computer, and accidentally launching a nuclear attack that wipes out half of humanity instead. I know it doesn’t sound major, but these little irritations can really niggle away at you. 

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17 December

Rotherham Locksmith Tips For Xmas

In the words of the great Bing Crosby, It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. He’d certainly be convinced of that this recent week with the frosted ground and smatterings of snow we’ve been having.  Another way he’d be able to tell that the day is getting near is because it’s time for my annual Christmas home security blog. Much awaited by people up and down the land, it’s become as much a festive tradition as the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures, the Mrs Browns Boys special, and the Queen’s Speech. Although the latter of these will have to undergo a bit of a change this year, unless multiple special effects are used. 

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18 November

Rotherham Locksmiths Spin On The World Cup

It’s that time again. Dig out the Panini sticker album, make your excuses for working from home for the next month, and get the drinks and snacks ordered in. Yes, the World Cup is almost here, and whilst the enthusiasm is rather muted by the fact it’s being held slap bang in the middle of the domestic football season, and in a country with very questionable human rights when it comes to certain things, it’s still four weeks of one of the greatest tournaments on earth. So a little excitement can be forgiven. 

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16 October

Horror Films With Lock Association

But before I veer too much off subject, back to Hallowe’en. And whilst you won’t find me going round trick and treating or bobbing for apples, you may find me watching a horror film or two at this time of year. Although, having said that, I’m hoping you won’t find me watching one, as it’ll mean you’ve somehow slipped into my house unnoticed. And for a locksmith, that would be quite frankly embarrassing. 

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18 September

Autumn Burglaries Increase Usually.

I’ll level with you, it’s tricky coming up with a whimsical, light-hearted start to the blog this month. What with the cost-of-living crisis (more of that later), continued war in Ukraine, and being in a national period of mourning following the sad passing of Queen Elizabeth II, it almost seems inappropriate to be writing this blog at all, let alone making jokey comments. But hey, the world does continue to turn, and let’s face it, I’m sure the late Queen wouldn’t totally disapprove of a blog about home security. Just think about all the crown jewels she had to keep safe during her reign. 

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06 August

Five Reasons Why You Would Change Your Locks

Hello there. I’m speaking to you today, asking for your vote in the contest to be UK’s next prime minister. So I’ll be promising you the world, whilst then doing a series of U-turns after securing your vote..oh hang on, wrong script. Oh god, does this mean Liz Truss is about to give a speech extolling the virtues of changing locks? Well, I don’t expect anyone will really notice after all. 


But yes, whilst the country (or 200k of them at least) are busy choosing the next PM, I’m still in the running to be your next locksmith, and thought today I’d go back to basics (apologies to John Major) and look at reasons why you may want to change or update your locks, as well as elaborating on the benefits of doing so. There will be very little here about reducing the civil service wage bill, many apologies. And these tips will be of very little use to the new occupants of Number 10, given the front door there does not even have a lock – it can only be opened from the inside, fact fans. (To be fair, there are other entrances and these likely have locks or keypads, but unsurprisingly they tend to keep these security arrangements private)

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07 July

Trustworthy Locksmith Rotherham

In these times it can be hard to know who to trust. Whether it’s the government, the banks, the multinational corporations or that mate who says they’re only going to borrow your hedge trimmer for a week and will then give it back, honest, (I’ve not forgotten that, Dave!) deciding who to put our trust in is fraught with difficulty.

This is also the case when it comes to tradespeople. Which of us hasn’t had that sinking feeling when looking at lost roof tiles or the like of knowing we have to call someone out to deal with it? Who do we choose? How do we know we can trust them? Will we end up having to pay several grand for a job that should only cost a hundred?

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15 June

Using A Safe On Holiday? Think Again.

Welcome to the Platinum Jubilee special of this blog. Yep, I’m totally jumping on the bandwagon, waving the imaginary Union Jacks, and maybe even having a glass of wine or two to celebrate Liz’s 70 years at the helm. And not just because of the extra bank holiday, but also…well, mainly it’s about the extra bank holiday. 

But how is this a Platinum Jubilee special, you may be asking. Well, apart from the fact I’m writing this over the long bank holiday weekend whilst wearing my Queen Elizabeth II limited edition souvenir pair of underpants, I’ve also built in a tenuous link to holidays – the very thing some of us are enjoying at the moment. Okay, tenuous, and yes, I was also lying about the underpants, but let’s move on.  

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08 May

Tips From A Burglar

In my downtime this week I’ve been watching the final series of Ozark which has just dropped (as I believe the kids say) on Netflix. No spoilers from me, obviously, but the last couple of seasons of this gripping drama have included a storyline about the FBI infiltrating the leadership of a drug cartel in order to try and achieve greater results and arrests down the line. The rationale behind this is quite clear – if you’re investigating drug cartels, who knows better how they work than the people within them. It’s the classic poacher turned gamekeeper tactic - a method as old as time itself. 

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03 April

Home Security Tips For Easter

The year’s fair zipping by now, and Easter’s round the corner – a holiday that gets locksmiths a bit angsty to be honest. Yes, there might be a day off or two, a bit of extra chocolate, and a decent film on the telly, but on the other hand, as I may have mentioned before, one part of the Easter story doesn’t reflect well on the locksmiths of 2,000 years ago. The whole episode of Jesus escaping from the tomb after his death, with the rock simply being rolled away to allow his exit. I don’t want to cast aspersions on the locksmiths of the day, but if that big stone had been fitted with a decent British Standard, anti-snap lock, things could have been very different indeed, with even the son of God finding it a trickier task than imagined. 

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