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French door repairs in Rotherham

12th October 2014

Think of a locksmith and you might imagine wooden front doors, steel locks, big chains of keys and, quite possibly, the scene from Police Squad when, on being asked who he is and how he got in a property, an undercover Leslie Nielsen replies "I'm a locksmith and...I'm a locksmith" the latter could be just me though.

In reality a great deal of my working week consists of repairing UPVC doors, whether they be the main entrance to a property, or, more commonly, as patio or French doors. And it's not only doors - fixing the mechanisms on UPVC windows is also a significant portion of my workload and an area in which I can provide assistance.

Avoid the cost of a whole new UPVC door 

One of the issues that can cause problems with UPVC French doors is the failure of their locking mechanisms. When this occurs, the doors cannot be opened even when the key is able to turn. This, to use an understatement, is clearly not ideal. However, it need NOT result in the considerable cost of replacing the whole door  (although sadly some door salesmen will try to convince you this is the case). 

Rather, it indicates a multi-lock mechanism that needs attention or replacing. With some locksmiths this would mean one visit to identify the problem followed by a delay (during which the door is out of action) whilst the correct replacement multipoint lock is ordered, before a second visit some days later. However, I carry a huge range of replacement materials in stock, meaning that more often than not, I can complete the repair there and then, without the need for a return visit. Most of the materials come with a 2-year warranty so you can rest assured of their quality, and have peace of mind.

Another issue that can occur with these doors is when a key snaps in the lock. In this case it is sometimes possible to retrieve the key, saving the lock. If this is not an option, I can speedily replace the lock with the minimum of fuss, allowing you to quickly get back to normal without the inconvenience of a faulty, unusable door. Or, if it is a bathroom door, the fault of a door on your conveniences. Okay, I'm a locksmith and not a comedian - you'll be pleased to know I'm much more skilled as the former than the latter.

Upgrade to the best defences

Whilst on site, I can also address any concerns you may have about the existing security in place, and can suggest upgrades that will increase the door's defences. This may include fitting extra locking bolts or, if the doors still have the old-style vulnerable euro profile locks, I can swap these for high security anti-snap locks for a competitive price. These also come with a worry-free 2 year guarantee. Rest assured though, there will be no hard sell from me - if it's a simple fix/replacement of existing locks that you want, then that is exactly what I shall carry out, and I will obviously give you a quote before going ahead with the work.

As well as the locks themselves, I can also address any issues with faults on the handles of UPVC doors or windows. One advantage of having over 20 years of experience with UPVC products (I know, I don't look that old) is I can easily identify the make/model of the faulty piece out of the hundreds of different types on the market, which will save you the bother of trying to track down the correct part yourself.

Hinges are also not a problem for me. These are the parts of your doors and windows that receive constant use and can occasionally fail. Again, any problems with these and I will be able to replace them at an affordable price. Whatever the problem, there really is hardly ever a need to replace the whole door or window.

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