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Beware Cheap Doncaster Locksmith Prices

31st August 2020

Nowadays when people are looking for a locksmith and need one quickly they will turn to a search engine such as Google for help, expecting to see listings from locksmiths that are local to them.

Unfortunately it's getting hard to find genuine local locksmiths online as alongside their results are hundreds of listings from national call centres using shady tactics to appear high up in local searches.

National locksmith companies

Let's run through why it's so important to go local and avoid these national locksmith call centres...

They are just another middleman

These national call centres make money by playing the middleman - they book you in with any locksmith, near or far, that is free that day and then charge you a premium for the privilege. On the face of it this may seem that they are taking a bit of work out of the equation for you, but in reality it's worth doing the digging around for a good locksmith as we talk to customers each week who feel thay have been over-charged by the national call centres and still have unfinished work.

Up to 50% more expensive than a local locksmith

These national chains buy up multiple pages of adverts in local directories using different company names, buy local telephone numbers to appear local to you and spend millions of pounds every year on advertising - all of these costs are passed on to a customer who has been duped into believing that they are dealing with a genuine local locksmith, and often then end up pay hundreds of pounds for the most basic of jobs.

They are often miles away from you

When you book in a job with one of these call centres they will hand it out to the person that is nearest to you or free at the time. In reality they could be over an hour away or more and just happen to be the nearest person on the call centre's books. In which case they are more likely to carry a large call-out charge - even when the call centre has claimed 'no call out fees'.

You can't guarantee who will arrive

We've heard so many horror stories of locksmiths turning up and being rude or unprofessional, and even ones who didn't have the right basic training to carry out the most simple of jobs. The call centres employ many inexperienced locksmiths because ultimately the genuine experienced locksmiths disagree with their way of trading and know better than to work with them.

When you look for a local locksmith and do your own research you know who's going to be coming to help, how experienced they are AND how to get in touch with them if there are any potential problems down the line. Ultimately this person will be responsible for securing your home, family and belongings so it's certainly worth a little extra time researching.

Top tips to avoid the national locksmiths!

Make the right choice and choose a local Doncaster locksmith. If you want to find a genuine local locksmith there are a few ways you can avoid getting ripped off by the national franchise call centres:

  • Make sure you shop around no matter how urgent the job. It's worth getting a few quotations and a feel for each business - genuine local locksmiths can be up to 50% cheaper than the national call centres so it will pay back!
  • Test their knowledge when you call them. A genuinely local locksmith should be familiar with directions and landmarks rather than only using a postcode to quote for the work.
  • Avoid any advert listing multiple local landline phones as these can all direct to the same call centre, and be particularly wary of Google Adwords results - many local locksmiths avoid using these ads due to the high cost.

Genuine local locksmiths in Doncaster - call us!

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