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Lock Replacement

06 August

Five Reasons Why You Would Change Your Locks

Hello there. I’m speaking to you today, asking for your vote in the contest to be UK’s next prime minister. So I’ll be promising you the world, whilst then doing a series of U-turns after securing your vote..oh hang on, wrong script. Oh god, does this mean Liz Truss is about to give a speech extolling the virtues of changing locks? Well, I don’t expect anyone will really notice after all. 

But yes, whilst the country (or 200k of them at least) are busy choosing the next PM, I’m still in the running to be your next locksmith, and thought today I’d go back to basics (apologies to John Major) and look at reasons why you may want to change or update your locks, as well as elaborating on the benefits of doing so. There will be very little here about reducing the civil service wage bill, many apologies. And these tips will be of very little use to the new occupants of Number 10, given the front door there does not even have a lock – it can only be opened from the inside, fact fans. (To be fair, there are other entrances and these likely have locks or keypads, but unsurprisingly they tend to keep these security arrangements private)

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30 May

Rotherham Key Safe Fitting

A mistake I frequently see in my work is when customers have left their key in a “hiding” place outside their house for a friend, cleaner or workman to be able to let themselves in, only for a burglar to get there first, gain access to the building and ransack the property without even needing to smash a window or force a lock. 

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08 May

Rogue Locksmiths In Rotherham Area

With all the news around recently, I’ve been thinking about the subject of honesty. Don’t worry, I’m not about to start talking about £800 rolls of wallpaper, flat refurbishments or who paid for what and when. I’m not even talking about the dishonesty of those who try and break into people’s houses and create the need for locksmiths. Rather, I’m looking closer to home at locksmiths themselves, or rather those who claim to be, and how they can tarnish the profession. 

If you have a sudden need for a Rotherham  locksmith, and don’t already have the details of a trusted one, what is your first port of call? I’ll put good money on it being Google. And why not… it’s the obvious place to look. You put in your search term and, at the top of the results – with the letters Ad next to them, are paid search results from companies that give Google money in order to get their company near the top. Below these are then the most popular or useful results, hopefully I’ll be there near the top if you’re searching locally, but to get to these you have to scroll past the sponsored sites. 

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15 November

Do You Realise Who Has Keys To Your Home

Well, it looks like November won’t go exactly as planned, with the second lockdown now underway. Although not unexpected, it’ll mean another few weeks of weirdness for a fair number of us. As with the first lockdown, I’ll still carry on working as usual, and hey, at least it’s another chance for me to bring out the line about being a “key worker” in more ways than one. So all is not lost. As long as that chap over the Atlantic doesn’t take his Presidential loss too badly and press any big red buttons. In that case all would be lost. 

I’ll still be around to deal with any locksmith emergencies, and continue to take all the social distancing measures needed, so do not feel any anxiety if you need to call me out – I make the visit as safe as possible and am allowed in properties if needed, given my worker status. I’ll also continue to be available for routine work and advice, and in the spirit of giving advice, I thought today I’d look at some figures for home burglaries this past month, and the issue of how leaving your key with other people could potentially affect your insurance. 

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13 October

Rotherham Locksmith Advice

I think you’d agree that it’s a bit of a weird time at the moment, making it difficult to keep track of what’s what. As governments rise and fall and sea levels rise and…well, rise; as the truth becomes ever harder to uncover, and the future of the country is uncertain, sometimes it’s worth just taking a deep breath, stepping back, and focussing on what really matters….

Which obviously is home security… what else? All too often in this business, we can get caught up in the minutiae of the details surrounding security systems, the intricacies of the latest locks, and any minor changes in trends and methods of break-ins. Once in a while though, it’s important to take that step back and look at the irrefutable pillars of home security, just as a reminder and in case any of them have slipped by the wayside whilst distracted by the little things. Here, I’ll cover four crucial points of which everyone should be aware to best protect their house.

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03 December

How alcohol can affect your home security

Right, I guess there’s no avoiding it any more. It’s December and so the C word is well and truly around the corner. No, not *that* one, and don’t be vulgar – I’m talking about Christmas of course. The John Lewis advert is out, we’ve had the first smattering of snow, the advent calendars have been torn open, and I’m beginning to stress about having done no preparation whatsoever. 

The festive season sees a huge increase in the number of parties on the horizon. Not for me, obviously, as I don’t get invited to any. But popular people – they’ll be out constantly this month. Office parties, work dos, family get togethers – it’s a time for eating, drinking and celebrating. And speaking of drinking, that brings us to the subject of today’s blog – how the consumption of alcohol can, believe or not, directly affect our home security. 

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17 June

What are rim night latches?

And so here we are. You're probably wondering why I've gathered you here today. Well the thing is, I thought we'd just have one more election...or maybe two. I was wondering if I could count on your, wait, come back... stop running away, screaming hysterically. Right, maybe that's not the best plan after all. 


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03 March

5 signs it's time to get your locks changed

The security of your home couldn't be more important. No matter what type of alarm system you have, your exterior locks are still your first line of defence, so ignoring any problems you're experiencing with them simply isn't an option.

While you won’t have to change your locks regularly, there are some situations when you may need the services of a South Yorkshire locksmith. Here are just a few.

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18 September

Emergency locksmiths in Rotherham

Are you in need of the services of an emergency locksmith in the Rotherham area? S F Locksmith are here to help. Our list of emergency services cover:

  • Locked Out
  • Lost Keys
  • Stolen Keys
  • Broken Locks
  • Burglary Repairs
  • Upvc Door Repairs
  • Broken Keys
  • Faulty Window Locks

We appreciate that if one of the above as happened to you, it can be an awkward position to be in and needs resolving quickly. Our aim would be to be with you as quickly as possible often within an hour and still provide a professional service.

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