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06 September

Rotherham Locksmiths Advice For Parents With Young Children

I believe it was that great philosopher Kim Wilde who said “We’re the kids in America, woah oh, we’re the kids in America, woah oh, Everybody live for the music go round.” Which really makes you think. Although not for long. Anyway, I was listening to Kim on Radio 2 (where all the cool kids hang out) just the other day and because of the way my brain works that got me thinking about what we teach our kids about home security. Now admittedly I don’t think this was at the forefront of Kim’s mind when she sang her hit but it’s all about the audience response isn’t it. 


Children today seem to have access to so much more information at their fingertips than we did at their age. We had parents, friends and family and the occasional magazine we shouldn’t have really been looking at, whereas today there’s an overwhelming amount of information for kids through the screens of their mobile phones or computers. 

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11 July

Local Rotherham Locksmith

In amongst all the football and tennis and the like, I was revisiting a classic British film on TV the other day – Local Hero. This 1983 film directed by Bill Forsyth is one of the most charming of the 1980s, with fine performances by the likes of Burt Lancaster, Peter Capaldi and Jenny Seagrove. Its theme tune by Mark Knopfler is also instantly recognisable, with Newcastle United running out to it at every home game. The film itself explores the conflict between a massive international oil corporation and a little Scottish village, and this got me thinking about the differences between global companies versus smaller local firms.

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07 March

Rotherham Patio Door Repairs

Think of a locksmith and what image comes to mind? A hunky chap, obviously, perhaps carrying around a huge metal ring of keys jangling away, and often being called in by the police to work “unofficially” at solving the cases that they just can’t crack. Well, that was the show I pitched to ITV, but were they interested? I could have been the Dangerfield (ask your parents) of the COVID generation.

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05 December

A Rotherham Locksmith Carol

Seasons Greetings to you all! It’ll be a strange old Christmas this year, with the continued restrictions and all the rest of the shenanigans that 2020 has brought us. However, we can genuinely have hope that a normality may not be too far off with the news about the vaccine, and that the lockdown has got things back under control a bit. 

Thank you to all my customers this year – I am glad I have been able to work throughout the various lockdowns, and appreciate many have not been able to do that. Whatever you’re doing this Christmas, hope it will be stress-free, and also mark the turn of the tide to better times ahead. 

In lieu of the normal advice today and seeing as we’re well into the advent season, I’m treating (yes, treating) you to my very own version of Last Christmas, with apologies to the late George Michael. Feel free to sing along… 

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04 October

Do Thieves Come Back A Second Time

When I was a kid, many years ago, my grandad used to assure me that lightning never struck the same place twice. I explained to him time and time again that this was a myth, perpetuated by double-strike deniers, and that tall buildings are often hit multiple times within a matter of minutes. He wasn’t having any of it though, and repeatedly insisted that it was scientifically impossible. He wouldn’t even change his mind on his deathbed. Well, I say deathbed – it was more a golf bunker he was lying in after he’d been hit by lightning three times whilst waving a golf club above his head. All that was left of him was a charred 4 iron and fragments of burnt plus-fours. 

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31 August

Beware Cheap Doncaster Locksmith Prices

Nowadays when people are looking for a locksmith and need one quickly they will turn to a search engine such as Google for help, expecting to see listings from locksmiths that are local to them.

Unfortunately it's getting hard to find genuine local locksmiths online as alongside their results are hundreds of listings from national call centres using shady tactics to appear high up in local searches.

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31 August

Beware Cheap Rotherham Locksmith Prices

You may be aware that there's a song by Green Day entitled Wake Me Up When September Ends. This year it’s more like Wake Up the Kids When September Starts. Because it seems that months of home schooling are coming to an end, the alarm clocks are being set, and schools are readying themselves for action. Whilst parents everywhere open up the champagne and wonder quite how they got through the last five months, it's back to the classroom for the children.  

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02 August

Increase In Crime

Wouldn’t you know it, we’ve made it to August already. Usually at this time of year I’d be trying to focus your minds (not in a Paul McKenna way) on keeping your house secure whilst you enjoy your summer holiday. However, as we all know, these are not usual times, and many of us will be foregoing a 2020 holiday in favour of a staycation. And yes, a staycation does mean staying at home, and does not simply mean a holiday in the UK. This is the hill on which I will die – a holiday in the UK is still a holiday and NOT a staycation. 

Anyway, I got diverted there by another of my minor annoyances, I do apologise.  Despite the reduction in holidays, we are still expecting thefts from houses to increase in the coming months as the lockdown ends and more people head back to work. Houses that were previously occupied all day will become empty during the daytime and although we’ve seen massively reduced burglary figures during the lockdown, it’s likely these will now start increasing as burglars make up for lost time. Therefore, as a little reminder, I’ve put together a few more tips to keep your house as safe as possible over the summer and autumn. 

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12 July

Rotherham Locksmith Advice

Whisper it quietly but there might finally be light at the end of the lockdown tunnel. Cautious light, that is, given that Leicester is having to re-introduce restrictions, and we’re not out of the woods yet, but non-essential shops have now re-opened, and this weekend will finally see the opening of hairdressers and pubs. Let’s just hope your hairdresser hasn’t been celebrating the re-opening of the pubs before getting to grips with your scalp. 

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13 June

Can A Rotherham Locksmith Remove A Snapped Key

Well hello there again. Are we still all okay? We have now passed the twelfth week of lockdown, and it seems it’s beginning to lift, albeit very gradually. I sincerely hope you are all staying well and will continue to do so, as we all look forward to getting out a little bit more. 

The lifting of the lockdown does have one major advantage – it means you don’t have to suffer the new pun I’ve been working on. Hot on the heels of the whole “key worker” debacle of the last 2 blogs, I’ve realised “lockdown” has its possibilities too, and that’s what I’ll be looking at today – that instances when your lock goes down – lockdown, see. Oh, sorry, I didn’t save you from that pun in the end – I went right ahead and did it anyway. But you would expect nothing less from me.

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