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07 July

Trustworthy Locksmith Rotherham

In these times it can be hard to know who to trust. Whether it’s the government, the banks, the multinational corporations or that mate who says they’re only going to borrow your hedge trimmer for a week and will then give it back, honest, (I’ve not forgotten that, Dave!) deciding who to put our trust in is fraught with difficulty.

This is also the case when it comes to tradespeople. Which of us hasn’t had that sinking feeling when looking at lost roof tiles or the like of knowing we have to call someone out to deal with it? Who do we choose? How do we know we can trust them? Will we end up having to pay several grand for a job that should only cost a hundred?

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08 May

Tips From A Burglar

In my downtime this week I’ve been watching the final series of Ozark which has just dropped (as I believe the kids say) on Netflix. No spoilers from me, obviously, but the last couple of seasons of this gripping drama have included a storyline about the FBI infiltrating the leadership of a drug cartel in order to try and achieve greater results and arrests down the line. The rationale behind this is quite clear – if you’re investigating drug cartels, who knows better how they work than the people within them. It’s the classic poacher turned gamekeeper tactic - a method as old as time itself. 

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03 April

Home Security Tips For Easter

The year’s fair zipping by now, and Easter’s round the corner – a holiday that gets locksmiths a bit angsty to be honest. Yes, there might be a day off or two, a bit of extra chocolate, and a decent film on the telly, but on the other hand, as I may have mentioned before, one part of the Easter story doesn’t reflect well on the locksmiths of 2,000 years ago. The whole episode of Jesus escaping from the tomb after his death, with the rock simply being rolled away to allow his exit. I don’t want to cast aspersions on the locksmiths of the day, but if that big stone had been fitted with a decent British Standard, anti-snap lock, things could have been very different indeed, with even the son of God finding it a trickier task than imagined. 

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12 February

Using Your Gardens For Security

Phew. We can finally wave goodbye to January, officially the longest month on record. After which, February tends to fair zip by. It’ll be March before we know it, with brighter weather, more time outside, and contemplating the lawn, knowing we’ll soon be out of excuses to finally mow it. 

The garden is what I’m concentrating on today. Not in a Percy Thrower or Alan Titchmarsh way, and not even in a Charlie Dimmock fashion, but rather about how the layout of your garden can impact on your home security. 

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08 January

Rotherham Locksmiths New Years Resolutions

Well then, Happy New Year to you. These New Years seem to come round quicker and quicker, don’t they. Although I’ve done the sums and apparently they don’t – it’s still 12 months between each one. I’m a little bit circumspect about joining in with the chorus of “This year can’t be as bad as last one” because we seem to have said that a few times in recent years only to be bitten on the bottom. 

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11 December

Rotherham Locksmith Xmas Security Advice

I’ve been hearing disturbing news lately about a predicted spate of break-ins this month. They’re a bit different from usual as it seems the culprit isn’t actually stealing anything, but merely getting a vicarious thrill at being in the houses of strangers, rifling through their hosiery. I don’t want to cause alarm but thought I’d better pass on the information. The police have a description of the man – he’s portly with a beard and often to be seen wearing red and white, including a hat with a bell on. His accomplices seem to be livestock of some sort who help him make his getaway in some sort of flying drone…ah, oh hang on, I know what I’ve done here, sorry. I’ve confused Santa with a serial criminal. And which of us can honestly say they’ve never done that? 

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03 October

Rotherham Locksmiths Advice For Autumn

All the signs are there: Strictly is on the TV, the sound of heating systems being clicked on echo throughout the land, and curtains are being shut before the six o clock news has finished. Soon it’ll be Halloween, Christmas adverts and wondering if there’s enough gas and electricity to cook the turkey this year. Although we may be at that latter point already. 

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06 September

Rotherham Locksmiths Advice For Parents With Young Children

I believe it was that great philosopher Kim Wilde who said “We’re the kids in America, woah oh, we’re the kids in America, woah oh, Everybody live for the music go round.” Which really makes you think. Although not for long. Anyway, I was listening to Kim on Radio 2 (where all the cool kids hang out) just the other day and because of the way my brain works that got me thinking about what we teach our kids about home security. Now admittedly I don’t think this was at the forefront of Kim’s mind when she sang her hit but it’s all about the audience response isn’t it. 

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11 July

Local Rotherham Locksmith

In amongst all the football and tennis and the like, I was revisiting a classic British film on TV the other day – Local Hero. This 1983 film directed by Bill Forsyth is one of the most charming of the 1980s, with fine performances by the likes of Burt Lancaster, Peter Capaldi and Jenny Seagrove. Its theme tune by Mark Knopfler is also instantly recognisable, with Newcastle United running out to it at every home game. The film itself explores the conflict between a massive international oil corporation and a little Scottish village, and this got me thinking about the differences between global companies versus smaller local firms.

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07 March

Rotherham Patio Door Repairs

Think of a locksmith and what image comes to mind? A hunky chap, obviously, perhaps carrying around a huge metal ring of keys jangling away, and often being called in by the police to work “unofficially” at solving the cases that they just can’t crack. Well, that was the show I pitched to ITV, but were they interested? I could have been the Dangerfield (ask your parents) of the COVID generation.

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