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25 April

Locks Within Religion

Easter is on the horizon, and along with it a reminder of what can happen if you don’t fit proper locks to giant rocks – Jesus really did make the whole profession look bad on that day - but I think we’ve just about recovered. Besides, if the Romans had secured the services of a professional, accredited locksmith, who knows how different the Easter story would be. 

But in an attempt to stay the right side of blasphemy, today I’ll look at the role locks and keys have played within religion and superstition down the years. Because I know that’s what you come to this blog for – a lock-related history lesson. 

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22 December

Xmas Locksmith Tips Rotherham

And so this is Christmas. No, really it is. Despite all assurances after last year that it wouldn't happen again, it's crept up on us once more. But before we can put our feet up for day or two and try and forget anything to do with work, politics, or the continued appeal of Mrs Brown's Boys, I best I'd better pen down something vaguely related to my job. As it's Christmas, and the radio is full to bursting with all the Christmas hits, why don't we go a bit tenuous and explain the connection that many festive songs  have with the art of locksmithery.

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28 October

Security At Holloween

Why did the skeleton not want to go to the party?

Because he had no body to go with.

There you go, that’s my Halloween joke, you’re welcome. It could have been far worse, believe me. But yes, it’s that time of year. The shops are full of monster costumes, the pumpkins are on display in the marketplace, and the town centre is occupied by zombies wandering around aimlessly, oblivious to the living. Although in all honesty, I’m not sure that the latter point is totally related to the time of year.

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04 December

Ultion: High-security locks you can rely on

Thieves throughout Rotherham and South Yorkshire are using a whole host of new methods to gain entry into properties, which is why you can't afford to take any chances with your security.

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12 November

Rotherham mobile locksmith services

Ernie the Fastest Milkman in the West; Bandit from Smokey and the Bandit, and yours truly – what do these three people have in common? No, it’s not that, or that...and I’ll thank you not to be so rude. It is of course that we all mainly work from our respective mode of transport, whether that be an ice cream van, a delivery truck, or my trusty locksmiths van. And whilst I wouldn’t claim to have a moustache as impressive as Burt’s, nor an eye for the ladies quite as obvious as Ernie’s, we do share the common theme that our jobs would be nigh on impossible to do from a fixed location. 

Yes, there are ice cream parlours, and yes, there are some locksmiths who work from a shop, but personally speaking, there is no way I could do my job without being fully mobile. You might have seen me driving around the area in my works van which, to all intents and purposes, is my very own mobile workshop containing everything I need to complete most jobs.  It has so many advantages for the customers in my work and I’d just like to mention a few of those today. 

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18 September

Moving home? Should you change your locks?

I believe it was the Walker Brothers who sang "Breaking up is so very hard to do." And whilst I wouldn't want to diminish their point (made in the classic song Make it Easy On Yourself) an alternative lyric could well have been "Moving house is so very hard to do.." Admittedly it might not have had such a wide appeal on the radio stations of the 1960s, but we could have all nodded along in agreement because moving house IS so very hard to do. 

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21 May

Definition of a mortice lock

It's the morning after the night before. Yes, I'm writing this the day after Eurovision. There were songs, some were good, some were bad, the UK didn't win, and the slightly wet chap singing the song from Portugal won. I think that clears it all up. I'll be honest, my Eurovision analysis is not what it could be. Fortunately that's not really my area of expertise and if you're wanting in depth socio-political commentary about the scoring system (so reassuring when Greece and Cyprus give each other 12 points), I'm afraid you've come to the wrong place. 

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18 April

How to improve the security of your doors

I've been thinking about doors recently. There are many different types of doors, of course, depending on your cultural references. There's THE Doors, naturally, with your man Jim Morrison's insistence on having his fire lit. Let's not forget the blonde bombshell, Diana Dors (real name Diane Fluck, fact fans), and of course there's George Dawes, the character played by Matt Lucas on Shooting Stars. Yes, lots of doors indeed. But this diversion is just a roundabout way of getting round to saying that today I'll be talking about a specific type of door - the front door to your property.

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16 July

Reputable locksmith in Rotherham

The other day I was wood staining my banisters, as you do when you want to take your mind off what is quite a confusing world at the moment. The woodstain was a classy shade of browny red, and, to match that classiness, I had found an old pair of underpants to use as a makeshift cloth to mop up any spillages. The job went well and I was satisfied with my afternoon’s work. That is until I opened the side door to put the makeshift cloth I’d been using in the bin. It just so happened that my neighbour was also putting their rubbish out, and to their untrained eye, it looked as if I was discarding a pair of blood-splattered underpants. 

I’m not sure if you’ve found yourself in a situation such as this, but one’s brain doesn’t always work quite the way you’d like it to. Without thinking, I quickly spluttered out “It’s’s woodstain.. I haven’t killed anyone.” My neighbour gave a nervous smile, quickly retreated to his house, and if I’m completely honest, I think he’s been avoiding me ever since, certain in the knowledge I’ll soon be unmasked as the secret underpants murderer.  My attempts at calming the situation had just made an awkward situation worse.  Which, happily, is what I want to talk about today.  No, not blood stained underpants, but how to avoid a minor annoyance turning into a much worse situation.

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10 April

What do locksmiths do?

We're rapidly approaching the Easter period so here's your theological starter for ten - Who is the patron saint of locksmiths? Yes, there is one, honestly. If you buzzed in and said St Peter then I'm afraid you've lost ten points. He may be the doorman at the gates of heaven, ticking you off his list, or ticking you off and sending you away, but if he has any problems with the blessed locks sticking or snapping, that's well above his pay grade.

In this instance he'd have to call upon the services of the actual patron saint of locksmiths who, as I'm sure we all knew, is St Baldomerus. Old Baldo (as he was almost certainly known amongst his social circle) was a French monk of the 7th Century who was a locksmith by trade before being called from above to devote his life to prayer and contemplation.

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