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09 November

Handy tips to keep your home safe and secure

As a locksmith, people often ask me "Hey Stephen, which film won the Oscar for Best Picture in 1934," and to them I reply "It Happened One Night" and we continue with our drinks.  Okay, that only happened once and it was a pub quiz, but even so, I'm still proud of that answer. In reality, I find people are more keen to ask me how they can best protect their valuable belongings.

Aside from the obvious answer of getting me in to update their locks and home security (I had to get a plug in somewhere), there are other steps that can be taken and, in the spirit of the season of goodwill (nearly), and to mark the ending of Home Security Month (what, you mean you didn't know it was in October?), I've put together a few pointers on how to be just that little bit more secure throughout the winter months.

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12 October

French door repairs in Rotherham

Think of a locksmith and you might imagine wooden front doors, steel locks, big chains of keys and, quite possibly, the scene from Police Squad when, on being asked who he is and how he got in a property, an undercover Leslie Nielsen replies "I'm a locksmith and...I'm a locksmith" ( The latter could be just me though.

In reality a great deal of my working week consists of repairing UPVC doors, whether they be the main entrance to a property, or, more commonly, as patio or French doors. And it's not only doors - fixing the mechanisms on UPVC windows is also a significant portion of my workload and an area in which I can provide assistance.

One of the issues that can cause problems with UPVC French doors is the failure of their locking mechanisms. When this occurs, the doors cannot be opened even when the key is able to turn. This, to use an understatement, is clearly not ideal. However, it need NOT result in the considerable cost of replacing the whole door  (although sadly some door salesmen will try to convince you this is the case). 

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05 November

Tilt and slide door repairs in Rotherham

Tilt and slide doors in Rotherham were a popular choice many years ago. These doors have often never received a service during their use! This means that there is a chance that now they are not so easy to operate or have developed a problem.

SF Locksmith is the leading specialist in tilt and slide door repairs in Rotherham and carry a wealth of knowledge in how to fix these patio doors. 

The great news is yes. And at a fraction of the cost of a replacement door. 

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13 October

UPVC door repairs in Rotherham

UPVC doors are locked by the means of a multipoint lock which is usually operated by you lifting the handle and then locking this mechanism solid via turning the key. After years of constant use these can fail either with door still closed, which though inconvenient still safe or in an open position and unsecure!


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18 September

Emergency locksmiths in Rotherham

Are you in need of the services of an emergency locksmith in the Rotherham area? S F Locksmith are here to help. Our list of emergency services cover:

  • Locked Out
  • Lost Keys
  • Stolen Keys
  • Broken Locks
  • Burglary Repairs
  • Upvc Door Repairs
  • Broken Keys
  • Faulty Window Locks

We appreciate that if one of the above as happened to you, it can be an awkward position to be in and needs resolving quickly. Our aim would be to be with you as quickly as possible often within an hour and still provide a professional service.

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