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06 January

The various lock types used on modern doors

Should Auld Acquaintance be forgot. And never brought to laa. Well, I remembered the first line about forgetting, and ironically forgot the rest. But anyway, a very happy 2018 to you. We’re living in the future now. Yet still no flying cars, robot butlers or jetpacks – I’m beginning to think we were lied to about those. 

Speaking of lying, that’s one thing I won’t be doing in this blog (you’ll note my New Year’s resolution to avoid tenuous segues has already been broken) which I intend to act as a reminder about a topic I may well have covered once or twice in the past. This subject is, of course, locks. It’s kind of what I do. I could start writing a blog about the early 20th economist, John Maynard Keynes, but quite honestly I’m more confident in my knowledge of locks rather than early 20th Century economic theory. 

So, to ease us all into another lock-filled year, I’ll take a quick look at the locks we’re all the most familiar with – those on our own front doors. It might be a bit late for the New Year’s Eve quizzes we all enjoyed, testing us on the subject of deadlocks and night latches, but you can always remember the information for next year in order to be the coolest person at the party. 

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04 December

Ultion: High-security locks you can rely on

Thieves throughout Rotherham and South Yorkshire are using a whole host of new methods to gain entry into properties, which is why you can't afford to take any chances with your security.

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03 December

How alcohol can affect your home security

Right, I guess there’s no avoiding it any more. It’s December and so the C word is well and truly around the corner. No, not *that* one, and don’t be vulgar – I’m talking about Christmas of course. The John Lewis advert is out, we’ve had the first smattering of snow, the advent calendars have been torn open, and I’m beginning to stress about having done no preparation whatsoever. 

The festive season sees a huge increase in the number of parties on the horizon. Not for me, obviously, as I don’t get invited to any. But popular people – they’ll be out constantly this month. Office parties, work dos, family get togethers – it’s a time for eating, drinking and celebrating. And speaking of drinking, that brings us to the subject of today’s blog – how the consumption of alcohol can, believe or not, directly affect our home security. 

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12 November

Rotherham mobile locksmith services

Ernie the Fastest Milkman in the West; Bandit from Smokey and the Bandit, and yours truly – what do these three people have in common? No, it’s not that, or that...and I’ll thank you not to be so rude. It is of course that we all mainly work from our respective mode of transport, whether that be an ice cream van, a delivery truck, or my trusty locksmiths van. And whilst I wouldn’t claim to have a moustache as impressive as Burt’s, nor an eye for the ladies quite as obvious as Ernie’s, we do share the common theme that our jobs would be nigh on impossible to do from a fixed location. 

Yes, there are ice cream parlours, and yes, there are some locksmiths who work from a shop, but personally speaking, there is no way I could do my job without being fully mobile. You might have seen me driving around the area in my works van which, to all intents and purposes, is my very own mobile workshop containing everything I need to complete most jobs.  It has so many advantages for the customers in my work and I’d just like to mention a few of those today. 

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15 October

Advice on hiding keys

I was thinking the other day about how I used to play hide and seek as a kid. I was never the best at it – always chose the same hiding place and should really have been easily found. Weirdly, it often took my parents an unusually long time to find me. In fact, once, when I was in the usual hiding place of under my bed, it took them two whole weeks to find me. I was proud of myself that summer, until it later emerged they’d actually gone to Tenerife for a fortnight and used the game as a pretext to leave me at home. But anyway, that story is for another day. What it does bring us on to is the subject of hiding which is what I’ll be talking about today. Not so much hiding ourselves on this occasion, but rather hiding the keys to your house. 

I’ll start off by saying that hiding your keys for yourself or others to find and let themselves into your house is NEVER to be recommended.  Keep them with you at all times, and if you have spare sets, make sure they’re locked away in your house. If you have sets of keys hidden outside so that family members or friends can easily get them and let themselves into the house, you run a very high risk of someone much more unwelcome finding them, and being able to help themselves to the belongings in your home. To illustrate, here are a few places that you might think are handy places to leave your keys, but trust me – they really aren’t.

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18 September

Moving home? Should you change your locks?

I believe it was the Walker Brothers who sang "Breaking up is so very hard to do." And whilst I wouldn't want to diminish their point (made in the classic song Make it Easy On Yourself) an alternative lyric could well have been "Moving house is so very hard to do.." Admittedly it might not have had such a wide appeal on the radio stations of the 1960s, but we could have all nodded along in agreement because moving house IS so very hard to do. 

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07 August

Security advice for the summer

“We’re all going on a Summer holiday, No more working for a week or two, fun and laughter on our summer holiday, no more worries for....” Oh shut up, Cliff. We aren’t all on holidays, you know. Bloody Cliff, always making assumptions for me or you, that’s him. But anyway, as he brought it up, yes it does seem to be the time of year when a lot of people are jetting off to sunnier climes. Climes, that’s an odd word, isn’t it. Climes. Climes. Say it often enough and it loses all meaning. Climes. Climes. I think I need a holiday myself. 

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16 July

Doncaster car crime increases

I believe it was that great philosopher Gary Numan who once said “In cars, in cars, in cars. In my car, in my car, in my car, in my car, in cars, in cars, in my car, in my car, in my car, in my car.” Really makes you think doesn’t it.  That may give you a clue as to what I’ll be talking about this month. Nope, not 80s electronic synth pop (although I’d be happy to wax lyrical on that at a later date) but cars. 

But hang on, you’re thinking. You’re a locksmith, not a budding Top Gear presenter. Why on earth are you banging on about cars? Have you gone mad? At which point I’d do that “A ha” thing and whip out the following link,  seen in the Doncaster Star last month.  And then you’d go “Oh, I see, you’re not going mad after all and it’s all beginning to make sense.” And then you might buy me a beer, we’d become friends, and you’d ask me to be the godfather to your children. And at that point I’d hesitate because I’ve got quite a lot on and am not sure if I want that further responsibility, and then I’d remember this is all hypothetical anyway and breathe a sigh of relief. 

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17 June

What are rim night latches?

And so here we are. You're probably wondering why I've gathered you here today. Well the thing is, I thought we'd just have one more election...or maybe two. I was wondering if I could count on your, wait, come back... stop running away, screaming hysterically. Right, maybe that's not the best plan after all. 


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21 May

Definition of a mortice lock

It's the morning after the night before. Yes, I'm writing this the day after Eurovision. There were songs, some were good, some were bad, the UK didn't win, and the slightly wet chap singing the song from Portugal won. I think that clears it all up. I'll be honest, my Eurovision analysis is not what it could be. Fortunately that's not really my area of expertise and if you're wanting in depth socio-political commentary about the scoring system (so reassuring when Greece and Cyprus give each other 12 points), I'm afraid you've come to the wrong place. 

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