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07 August

Security advice for the summer

“We’re all going on a Summer holiday, No more working for a week or two, fun and laughter on our summer holiday, no more worries for....” Oh shut up, Cliff. We aren’t all on holidays, you know. Bloody Cliff, always making assumptions for me or you, that’s him. But anyway, as he brought it up, yes it does seem to be the time of year when a lot of people are jetting off to sunnier climes. Climes, that’s an odd word, isn’t it. Climes. Climes. Say it often enough and it loses all meaning. Climes. Climes. I think I need a holiday myself. 

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16 July

Doncaster car crime increases

I believe it was that great philosopher Gary Numan who once said “In cars, in cars, in cars. In my car, in my car, in my car, in my car, in cars, in cars, in my car, in my car, in my car, in my car.” Really makes you think doesn’t it.  That may give you a clue as to what I’ll be talking about this month. Nope, not 80s electronic synth pop (although I’d be happy to wax lyrical on that at a later date) but cars. 

But hang on, you’re thinking. You’re a locksmith, not a budding Top Gear presenter. Why on earth are you banging on about cars? Have you gone mad? At which point I’d do that “A ha” thing and whip out the following link,  seen in the Doncaster Star last month.  And then you’d go “Oh, I see, you’re not going mad after all and it’s all beginning to make sense.” And then you might buy me a beer, we’d become friends, and you’d ask me to be the godfather to your children. And at that point I’d hesitate because I’ve got quite a lot on and am not sure if I want that further responsibility, and then I’d remember this is all hypothetical anyway and breathe a sigh of relief. 

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17 June

What are rim night latches?

And so here we are. You're probably wondering why I've gathered you here today. Well the thing is, I thought we'd just have one more election...or maybe two. I was wondering if I could count on your, wait, come back... stop running away, screaming hysterically. Right, maybe that's not the best plan after all. 


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21 May

Definition of a mortice lock

It's the morning after the night before. Yes, I'm writing this the day after Eurovision. There were songs, some were good, some were bad, the UK didn't win, and the slightly wet chap singing the song from Portugal won. I think that clears it all up. I'll be honest, my Eurovision analysis is not what it could be. Fortunately that's not really my area of expertise and if you're wanting in depth socio-political commentary about the scoring system (so reassuring when Greece and Cyprus give each other 12 points), I'm afraid you've come to the wrong place. 

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18 April

How to improve the security of your doors

I've been thinking about doors recently. There are many different types of doors, of course, depending on your cultural references. There's THE Doors, naturally, with your man Jim Morrison's insistence on having his fire lit. Let's not forget the blonde bombshell, Diana Dors (real name Diane Fluck, fact fans), and of course there's George Dawes, the character played by Matt Lucas on Shooting Stars. Yes, lots of doors indeed. But this diversion is just a roundabout way of getting round to saying that today I'll be talking about a specific type of door - the front door to your property.

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04 April

Who wants a less secure door?

You might be reading the title to this blog and thinking - 'well, nobody', but you'd be surprised at just how lax some people are with their home and office security.

Your door and its locks are the only things preventing unwanted visitors from entering your property. It therefore makes perfect sense to have the best, most secure locks possible… right?

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26 March

Home and property security tips

Ah, there you were. I was just thinking about you and wondering what you'd like for Easter. I considered the obvious option of chocolate eggs, but you said they went straight to your thighs. So then it was going to be daffodils, but they make you sneeze. So eventually, I decided my gift to you would be a blog about keeping your house safe. No, it's NOT just what I do each month. This is a special Easter edition, replete with Easter references, and to claim it isn't would just make me cross. Cross - see, there's another of those Easter references. 

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03 March

5 signs it's time to get your locks changed

The security of your home couldn't be more important. No matter what type of alarm system you have, your exterior locks are still your first line of defence, so ignoring any problems you're experiencing with them simply isn't an option.

While you won’t have to change your locks regularly, there are some situations when you may need the services of a South Yorkshire locksmith. Here are just a few.

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19 February

Security advice for student accommodation

Flicking through the channels on the TV the other night I happened across an old episode of The Young Ones. Those of you of a certain age may well remember this early 80s comedy with fondness as we followed the anarchic adventures of four students - the punk Vyvyan (Ade Edmondson), the wannabe anarchist Rick (the much missed Rik Mayall), the delightful hippy Neil (Nigel Planer), and Mike, the "other one" (Christopher Ryan).

Anyway, this trip down memory lane does have a connection with what I'll talk about today.  Because although the quartet of students in The Young Ones provided plenty of laughs, I'll wager they didn't give a great deal of thought to the security of the accommodation they rented from Jerzei,  their landlord. And to be quite honest, I'm not sure Jerzei himself would have given a lot of consideration to it either.

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07 February

What should you look for in a locksmith?

When choosing a locksmith, you should go through the same process as you would with any other professional trade. Not only should they be experienced and competent, but also have a strong track record that shows they're up to the job at hand.

Here are just some of the qualities you should be looking for the next time you need a locksmith in South Yorkshire.

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