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UPVC door repairs in Rotherham

13th October 2013

UPVC doors are locked by the means of a multipoint lock which is usually operated by you lifting the handle and then locking this mechanism solid via turning the key. After years of constant use these can fail either with door still closed, which though inconvenient still safe or in an open position and unsecure!

Does this mean a new door?

Not at all, we have specialised in the repair of UPVC doors since 1980. In fact we only repair doors and so will not try to sell you a new door. If you visit a double glazing installer with your door problem their reply will be that the parts required are no longer available. This could be true but in nearly every case, we will have an alterative multipoint lock which will give the same security as before or an upgraded version which increase the level of security your present door is offering. We are fortunate in having three suppliers who have the largest range of multipoints locks available in Europe. Our mobile workshop is stocked to be able to complete 99% of call outs on the initial visit. 

How will you get the door open if it's still locked?

We often get asked this question but as experienced locksmiths, it's not going to be a problem. And it will not involve taking the door off at the hinges or removing any glass units or panels. There will be no damage to your existing door and when open and the new mechanism replaced, we would expect the door to operate like it did when first purchased, and fitted if not better. As part of the cost the door will receive a full service and check over. often the main reason why a door locking mechanism does fail will be that the door has moved and gone out of alignment. This will have made the door difficult to lock. The increased pressure placed on the door handle when locking and unlocking does eventually cause a lock failure. 

How much is all this going to cost?

Possibly the most important question. A new upvc door of reasonable quality fitted can cost  £700 and up to £1200 for the higher quality ones and  possibly even more if there are side panels, windows or lead inserts. Also the "big boys" will no doubt try to sell you new windows at the same time. One other major point is that the average modern upvc door lock will  last 10-12 years before it fails, we would expect our replacement lock fitted to your door to last 10-12 years also. 

An approximate cost to replace the multipoint lock is between £130- £170. This will cover the materials and labour and includes a complete door service. If the door handles have seen better days, these can also be replaced along with the existing barrel. The charge for these will be minimal and are often incorporated into the original quote. 

How quick can you come? 

We appreciate that the situation can be stressful and inconvenient. SF Locksmiths operate an emergency service for the benefit of our customers and will be able to have your door repaired often the same day you call. And yes we will turn up.

Call now for a upvc door repair in Rotherham on 01709 711 055 on or alternatively 07990 573 857.

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