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7th July 2022

In these times it can be hard to know who to trust. Whether it’s the government, the banks, the multinational corporations or that mate who says they’re only going to borrow your hedge trimmer for a week and will then give it back, honest, (I’ve not forgotten that, Dave!) deciding who to put our trust in is fraught with difficulty.

This is also the case when it comes to tradespeople. Which of us hasn’t had that sinking feeling when looking at lost roof tiles or the like of knowing we have to call someone out to deal with it? Who do we choose? How do we know we can trust them? Will we end up having to pay several grand for a job that should only cost a hundred?

Word of mouth is all well and good, but despite being the most useful way of finding a trustworthy contractor (I get a great deal of my work this way thankfully), what happens if you don’t have anyone to ask? Maybe you’re new to the area or don’t have friends or family nearby so when it comes to finding a reliable, trustworthy tradesperson, you’re faced with a step into the unknown.

This is particularly pertinent when it comes to choosing a locksmith. Given the access they will have to your home it is especially crucial that you can trust them. But if you don’t have a personal recommendation, how can you find one that you can trust. It would be lovely to say that all people posing as locksmiths are fully honest, reliable and will do a good standard of work but sadly, as will all industries, there will be the odd scammer or cowboy. But how can you tell? I’ll try to give you some pointers below.

Firstly, beware of companies that only seem to appear under the paid advertising section when you carry out a Google search. This isn’t to say that reputable companies don’t pay for advertising there, of course. But these reputable locksmiths will also be placed high up on the organic google search – this is achieved using an algorithm of recommendations, links etc. Scroll down a bit from the paid section and if you see that same company high up in the non-paid search results, it’s a clue that they’re a decent company. If they’re nowhere to be seen, then please do proceed with care – it may just be a scammer who has paid google to appear there and with no history or reputation to back this up. 

Another consideration, especially if you’re using the internet to search, is the location of the locksmith. Exercise caution if you find a company that advertises they serve your area, but which is located in a different county. Local is best as a) they’re not passing on their travel costs to you, b) they’ll know the security issues of the area, and c) you have more comeback if anything goes wrong and you need a return visit. If their website has no contact information apart from a mobile number, there’s no harm in researching further, or ringing to ask where they are located. 

Something we’re all used to doing in the internet age is looking at reviews. When it comes to choosing a locksmith, this still holds. Google Reviews and Trustpilot will often have genuine reviews of service companies, and these may be more trustworthy than any unattributed testimonials that appear on companies’ websites. One or two bad reviews are usually inevitable, but if there are a glut of one or two star reviews it’s not a good look.


I don’t need to tell you about the cost-of-living crisis we’re currently undergoing – a look at energy, petrol or food prices will easily remind you of that. As such it’s understandable people want to get the best value they can. However, best value does not always mean cheapest, if the cheapest results in poor service and a job that requires spending more money to fix a few months down the line.  Be cautious of any locksmiths who quote unrealistically low prices in order to gain your business. Not only could the work be not up to scratch, but when you get the final bill there may well be an unwelcome surprise at unexpected add-ons that weren’t mentioned in the original quote. Ask for a comprehensive, all-in quote, and use this in conjunction with reviews and research to choose the best man or woman for the job. Always ensure you get a guarantee on any work too.

On the subject of bills and payment, be wary of any firm or tradesperson who will only work for cash. Whilst there’s nothing intrinsically wrong with cash payments, there should always be an option to pay by card or bank transfer, and whichever method of payment you use, you should always insist on getting a receipt. Without this, there is no proof that you have paid (especially if you’ve paid in cash) and a lesser chance of you being able to get any comeback if the work proves to be unsatisfactory. Ideally, the receipt should have all the details of the locksmith on it as well as an itemised bill. Any locksmith worth their salt will be only too happy to provide this so if they hesitate it could be a red flag. 

Trying to find a tradesperson can be a stressful experience, especially in an emergency. That’s why it’s best to have a list of contact numbers stored in advance. An evening doing a spot of research, combined with asking for recommendations from friends and family is time well spent, and hopefully the tips above will help you be able to choose a locksmith with confidence. And whilst I wouldn’t want to blow my own trumpet, if you’re in South Yorkshire, you could do much worse than calling yours truly! 

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