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Security advice from a Rotherham locksmith

31st January 2015

Percy Thrower, Geoff Hamilton, Capability Brown...if you know what I'm talking about here then, a) you're probably of a certain age, and b) those names will have hopefully steered you brain towards the subject of gardeners. Which then, through some sort of hypothetical name association game, may lead you from gardeners to gardens, then the wider subject of the whole of the outside of your house, and, unlikely as it may seem, the leap to how to improve the security of your garden and home exterior. Okay, that's a bit of a jump from Thrower, Hamilton and Brown to garden security, but it was the best way I could think of to start this blog. Sorry about that. Anyway, in the following paragraphs I'll be giving tips on how to defend your property from the outside - this will also cover garages, sheds, and gardens.

Making the boundaries  of your home more daunting a burglar has the dual effect of decreasing the probability of your garage/coal shed/greenhouse being broken into, and also increasing the security of your house itself. Consider yourself a hypothetical burglar for a moment; there are houses you have identified as break-in targets, both with similar locks and alarm systems. However, one of them also has a series of landmines dotted throughout the garden and pathways - which house is going to be the unlucky one? (As a disclaimer, this was an illustration - we are not actually advising that you bury landmines around your property - and your neighbours may not be overjoyed when their beloved cat, Tiddles, happens upon one)

Landmines aside, here's a few hints and tips on beefing up that security. 

House insurance:  it's an obvious one, but ensure that as well as your policy covering your house, it also covers damage caused to any outbuildings and garden by a break-in, and the value of any contents in sheds or garages. 

Garage Door: As the main entry point to the garage, this should be of sufficient toughness to deter any would-be intruders. An up-and -over door can be fitted with locks each side, about a foot off the ground, whereas wooden doors should be fitted with sturdy hasps and staples, complete with a substantial padlock. Ensuring that the locks are visible from the outside also has the added bonus of acting as a deterrent to any burglars who may decided the garage is too secure to even attempt a break-in.

Garden Gates: Fit quality locks on the inside of the gates, accessible from the inside. Installing hasps and staples to wooden gates is recommended, and placing padlocks at the top and the bottom helps ensure that the gate cannot be prized open (as may happen with just one lock fitted)

Sheds: If possible, refrain from storing items of significant value in sheds. If you have to do so, marking the items will make them more difficult for thieves to sell, so they will be less likely to be taken. Ensure the shed is secure and kept locked at all times. 

Back Garden: Fitting trellis on top of any fences at the rear of property creates a visual and physical obstacle to any trespassers. Making the boundary around 2 metres in height is recommended, and spiky climbing plants also act as a natural deterrent to intruders.

Liability: However, as well as not planting any land mines, try to avoid using barbed wire, or positioning broken glass to deter burglars as they could cause injury (to both innocent and guilty parties), leading to possible legal action.

Front of Property:  Although we recommend high boundaries for the back garden, at the front it's best to keep walls no more than three feet high - this way any suspicious characters will be easily spotted by neighbours or passers-by.

Front Gate: It is best to ensure any gate fitted at the end of the drive is metal and can be seen through - this way burglars cannot easily enjoy the privacy that a solid wooden gate would give them.

Paths/Driveways: If these consist of gravel or small stones, anyone approaching the house will be more easily noticed (this also has the added bonus of alerting you to family members unexpectedly visiting, giving you time to hide behind the settee)

Wheelie Bins: Large bins serve as a handy aid for burglars to clamber upon if they are left in front of gates and roofs. It is recommended to keep them out of sight behind gates, if at all possible. 

So there you have it, I hope those tips have been of some help. It doesn't take long to review your home security and doing so will pay you back many times over. if I can provide any further advice or for a free quote on any locksmith-related work, please call today on 01709 711055

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