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Rotherham Locksmiths New Years Resolutions

8th January 2022

Well then, Happy New Year to you. These New Years seem to come round quicker and quicker, don’t they. Although I’ve done the sums and apparently they don’t – it’s still 12 months between each one. I’m a little bit circumspect about joining in with the chorus of “This year can’t be as bad as last one” because we seem to have said that a few times in recent years only to be bitten on the bottom. 

But I’m not here to talk about bottom bites, and we’re probably best to get that image out of all our collective minds. Rather, despite the lessons of the past, a New Year is still a time for a fresh start and optimistic hopes for the 12 months to come. And whilst there’s a lot we can’t control as the year unfolds, today I thought I’d talk about things we definitely can control – and you’ll be surprised to hear (Spoiler Alert) they’re all to do with home security. Given the time of year, why don’t we tackle them as quick-fire mini resolutions. That was a rhetorical suggestion that didn’t need an answer, by the way, and I’m going to switch to the first-person for each resolution, and then keep swapping back and forth in a manner that would make an English teacher tut, so watch out for that excitement too. 

Home security new year resolutions

Resolution One: I will take a walk round the perimeter of my property. Big or small, have a wander round, putting yourself in the mindset of a burglar. If you were trying to break in, where are the vulnerable spots. Are there gates or door frames that need replacing…perhaps a rotten window that could easily be opened. Spend a few minutes taking note of anything that needs strengthening. 

Resolution Two: I will have a chat with my local locksmith. (Note to reader – I’m speaking as you here, not myself. Else I’d be resolving to have a chat with myself which would be a bit weird). A locksmith is the best person to have a look at your current locks and check they’re up to spec, they won’t easily be snapped, and that they meet insurance requirements. Generally, locksmiths aren’t too scary, honestly, and they’ll also know the recent trends in the local area. 

Resolution Three: I won’t neglect the security of any outbuildings. This refers to any sheds or garages you may have – these are often a target of burglars in the dark winter months, and are frequently fitted with inadequate locks compared to houses. Yet if equipment is stored in them, the locks really should be of the same quality as those of the main house. 

Resolution Four: I’ll think about how my own behaviour impacts on home security. This is a doozy as it means no financial outlay. All you have to do is consider if you’re doing all you can to keep your property secure. Ensure you lock your doors and set any burglar alarm when you leave the house, that you keep valuables out of sight, and don’t leave accessible windows open unattended. 

Resolution Five: I’ll strive for omniscience. Okay, this isn’t totally realistic, but the idea is to give people the idea you’re somewhere (or everywhere) when you’re not, namely that you’re in the house even when you’re away. Timers are your friends here, turning on and off lights; another free solution is to let someone use your driveway if you go on holiday – simple but effective steps. 

Resolution Six: I’ll take advantage of technological help. CCTV used to not be for us mere mortals, but prices have plummeted over the years and, with the advent of smart doorbells and the like, all of which can be accessed from your smart phone, cameras can be fitted for a low cost and give you peace of mind when you’re away from the house. 

Resolution Seven: I’ll take advantage of technological help. No, you’re not suffering from déjà vu, but this time a slightly older technology  - a burglar alarm. If you’ve got one, that’s great, as long as you set it and it’s in working order. But many people still don’t have one. Yes, it’s an investment, and can be costly, but as investments go it’s one of the most effective in deterring burglars. 

Resolution Eight: I’ll stick my valuables in a safe. This isn’t a terrible euphemism, I promise.  But if you’re lucky enough to have expensive jewellery or a large amount of cash, consider the benefits of a secure safe for an extra layer of protection. Important documents such as passports or legal documents can also be stored away, keeping them safe and also ensuring you don’t lose them. 

Resolution Nine: I’ll shine light in the dark. That sounds a bit like something an American Evangelical pastor would say, but nope, all this refers to is ensuring you have some exterior lighting on your property. Burglars love darkness and the winter brings a lot of that. Fitting an exterior light or two takes this advantage away from them, and also helps you find your way up the driveway of an evening. 

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So there you go. Nine resolutions. The tenth resolution could be that you’re not going to play by the rules and include a tenth resolution. But then paradoxically you would have, so we’ll forget about that.  But following these resolutions will increase the chances of you keeping your property safe. As I said at the beginning, we can’t control everything and nothing we do will totally eliminate the chances of us suffering a break-in. But we can play the odds and significantly reduce the chances of us being chosen as a target, and these resolutions will help in that respect. 

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