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Rotherham Locksmiths Advice For Autumn

3rd October 2021

All the signs are there: Strictly is on the TV, the sound of heating systems being clicked on echo throughout the land, and curtains are being shut before the six o clock news has finished. Soon it’ll be Halloween, Christmas adverts and wondering if there’s enough gas and electricity to cook the turkey this year. Although we may be at that latter point already. 

Many may mourn the passing of summer and the warmer weather, but personally I don’t mind the coming of Autumn. Layers of clothes, cosy nights, the colour of the leaves, crisp mornings, there’s a lot to like about the coming months. One thing not on the list of Autumn attractions though is the annual increase in burglary levels. It isn’t just the Strictly professionals who emerge from their summer hiatus as the darker nights close in, it’s also the time for many burglars to dust off their masks and swag bags in order to focus on a new season of break-ins. (Side note – they probably should stop selling those swag bags, it’s darned irresponsible really. 

It goes without saying why burglars like the Autumn and Winter months so much, although I’m still going to say it because I’m helpful like that. Cover of darkness is one of the greatest friends to your household burglar. In the summer they have to either attempt burglaries in the light when they can easily be spotted, or, if they wait until it’s dark, run the risk of breaking in when the occupants of the house are in bed and easily alerted. Come the Autumn however, the light of the day often disappears when the house is still empty, either because the occupants are not yet home from work, or because they have gone out in the evening, giving the burglar the dual advantage of darkness and an empty house. 

Given these circumstances and the change in the seasons, I have put together a short recap of some actions you can take to try to keep your home safe through the coming months. 

Firstly, and most importantly, ensure you have secure, anti-snap locks. I will keep going on about this until the cows come home, and even after they’ve got into their pyjamas and gone upstairs to bed. The technique of lock snapping has gone out of the headlines a bit recently, but I’m still called to burglary after burglary to find access has been gained via snapping an outdated cylinder lock in a couple of seconds. Frustratingly this is so easily prevented by getting anti-snap locks fitted which are far more robust and stand up to any lock-snapping attempts. It’s not to say a burglar won’t gain access via another route, but at least you’re making it difficult for them and not giving them an easy, quick way in. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it now, and I’ll say it again – Get Anti Snap Locks Fitted! 

Second up, after the lock issue is to make sure your burglar alarm works. This only applies if you have one, of course. I was surprised to learn that 70% of domestic properties in the UK still don’t have an alarm, and this is despite them being acknowledged as one of the most effective deterrents of burglars. If you’re one of the 70%, I would urge you to consider getting one – there has been research that shows 1 in 2 of all attempted break ins on houses that have an alarm turn out to fail with the burglar either scared off, or attention roused from nearby. And this is only those that are attempted – think how many times houses with alarms must be overlooked by burglars as they move on to a house without an alarm for an easier life. So, if you can afford it, a burglar alarm is a wise investment. That’s not the end of it though – if you do have one, you kind of have to remember to keep it in working order and to actually set the thing when you go out or to bed. Having an alarm and never setting it is.. well, it’s a bit silly really isn’t it. 

Thirdly, we come to security lighting. I’ve talked about how the evenings are getting darker and  how this gives the burglar an advantage. Well, we can redress that by investing in a motion-activated security light. These can be bought very cheaply these days, and do a great job of suddenly illuminating your driveway or side entrance when movement is detected. Don’t allow the burglar to carry out their misdeeds under the cloak of darkness – get a light to expose their actions to all and sundry.

As well as these three main points, there are other practical steps you can take to try and keep your property more secure this Autumn. It looks like the cold has set in, so if you’re not going to be using that garden furniture for the rest of the year, get it locked away, along with any tools or equipment you may have around the garden, as these could attract burglars. Leaving valuables on view by doors or windows can also attract burglars, especially when the lights are on inside and it’s dark outside – they show up more than you think. If you’re leaving the house for a while, consider a timer on a landing or bedroom light to give the impression someone’s in – all these steps will help to reduce the chance of your house being picked as a target by burglars. 

I hope these tips have been of some help, and you get to enjoy the autumn nights, with your house safe and secure. For further advice, or for a free quote on any Rotherham locksmith related work, call today on 07990573857.

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