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Rotherham Locksmith Xmas Security Advice

11th December 2021

I’ve been hearing disturbing news lately about a predicted spate of break-ins this month. They’re a bit different from usual as it seems the culprit isn’t actually stealing anything, but merely getting a vicarious thrill at being in the houses of strangers, rifling through their hosiery. I don’t want to cause alarm but thought I’d better pass on the information. The police have a description of the man – he’s portly with a beard and often to be seen wearing red and white, including a hat with a bell on. His accomplices seem to be livestock of some sort who help him make his getaway in some sort of flying drone…ah, oh hang on, I know what I’ve done here, sorry. I’ve confused Santa with a serial criminal. And which of us can honestly say they’ve never done that? 

Moving on from seriously libelling Father Christmas, it does seem to have reached that time of year when we’re not as concerned about a fat man breaking into our houses. And it’s a good job really because I’ve still not encountered an anti-snap lock or security system that can hold Santa at bay… it’s almost as if he’s magic. 

Christmas greetings from a Rotherham locksmith

Ahead of Christmas greetings to all my customers and readers, I do want to raise a note of caution about this time of year. It’s well known that December is a bad month for burglaries, with them increasing by up to a quarter. I guess it doesn’t take an expert to figure out why; as well as the dark nights giving burglars cover, there are also Christmas parties (or business meetings with cheese and wine as our PM would say) and visits taking people away from the house, and it’s likely that there are new shiny expensive gifts lying around, ready to give out on Christmas day. All in all, quite the opportunity for the seasonal burglar. 

It’s not all doom and gloom though, and here I’ll give you a few pointers on how you can keep out those members of the housebreaking fraternity. Please note I can’t guarantee these will prevent Santa from coming down the chimney (stop sniggering there), but I’m a locksmith, not a magician. 

Tip to prevent break-ins during Christmas

Firstly, Christmas lights on houses – don’t you just love them? Well, maybe, unless they’re on a neighbour’s roof across the street, shining into your bedroom window keeping you awake to such an extent that you want to take that illuminated reindeer and stick it right up your neighbour’s botto…. sorry, got carried away there. Yes, Christmas lights, lovely. But be careful about the power supply. If you don’t have an exterior power supply, it’s a bit of a risk to have the lead trailing through a window to an indoor socket. This leaves the window slightly open and vulnerable to any attempt at opening it further by a burglar, especially if it’s easily accessible. If there is no way to keep it totally secure then it may well be worth investing in getting an exterior socket installed by an electrician so that windows can remain firmly closed. 

Next, presents. Now we know there is much more to Christmas than presents. But hey, they’re not a bad accompaniment to the day. However, where are you storing them in the lead up to the day? If they’re under the tree in plain sight through a window, be aware that with your lights on in the dark evening, they’ll be very visible to any passers-by. And rather than a burglar finding it all heart-warming and a festive holiday scene, they’ll simply see a pile of potentially expensive gifts giving them incentive to break in. Careful when visiting friends and relatives too not to leave presents on display in your car. Use the boot, and keep them out of sight. 

On a similar note, Covid is still putting off many of us from physically going into shops, leading to more online shopping than usual. But if you’re getting items delivered to your house, make sure either that you’re going to be in, or that the delivery driver has a secure place to leave them, out of sight. Sticking a note to the courier on your front door simply advertises the fact that no-one is home, and having boxes left on the doorstep is also not ideal.

Christmas breaks in sunny climes may not be likely but they’re more possible than last year. If you’re one of the lucky ones flying off, take the usual precautions when leaving an empty house – investing in timers for the lights, getting a neighbour to pick up any post, and offering out your driveway to any neighbours that need it. Anything you can do to give the impression that someone’s in will decrease your chances of a break-in – there’s nothing a burglar likes more than an empty house.  

Thinking about post-Christmas, you may have been left with empty boxes and packaging. This should be disposed of carefully, not only for environmental reasons but also for security concerns. Leaving product boxes outside, on top of your recycling bin, can advertise what you’ve purchased or been given this Christmas, again encouraging a burglar to pick your house as a target. If you can, get all the packaging inside the bin, away from sight, and if this isn’t possible, then a trip to the Household Waste Recycling Centre may be in order – there’s not much else to do in that week between Christmas and New Year anyway, and it’ll be nice to get some fresh air. 

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So without wanting to put a dampener on your festive season – god knows, we need a bit of a break after the last couple of years, I hope these tips give some food for thought and help you take actions that mean your Christmas goes by without any trauma - outside of Grandma insisting on being in control of the TV remote and putting on the Queen’s Speech for the fifth time on Christmas Day. 

All that remains is to wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy new year for 2022. For advice on anything lock-related, or to enquire about repairs or replacements, whether over the festive period or beyond, call 07990573857 for a Rotherham Locksmith.

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