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Autumn Burglaries Increase Usually.

18th September 2022

I’ll level with you, it’s tricky coming up with a whimsical, light-hearted start to the blog this month. What with the cost-of-living crisis (more of that later), continued war in Ukraine, and being in a national period of mourning following the sad passing of Queen Elizabeth II, it almost seems inappropriate to be writing this blog at all, let alone making jokey comments. But hey, the world does continue to turn, and let’s face it, I’m sure the late Queen wouldn’t totally disapprove of a blog about home security. Just think about all the crown jewels she had to keep safe during her reign. 


Whilst trying my best not to worsen the national mood, I want to touch today on the economic situation the country finds itself in. None of us can have failed to notice the rise in prices of food, fuel, and well, just about everything, as inflation hits double figures and energy prices are soaring through a combination of factors including the effects of the war in Ukraine. And although we do finally have a new Prime Minister after what seemed like months of a leadership contest, no sooner had we heard her initial plan for tackling energy costs this winter, when news broke of the Royal death, and parliament ceased its usual business, so we await further details on that score. 


But why am I rambling on about inflation and an impending recession? It’s not simply to depress my valued customers. Instead, it’s to raise the uncomfortable truth about the link between turbulent economic times and rates of crime, namely burglaries. Historically, statistics have shown that as times become more difficult, levels of crime increase. This will not come as a total surprise – numerous social studies have explored this link before – nor should it be seen as condoning those who carry out crime, but it is important to be aware that we may be entering riskier times as householders. As prices of goods in the shops become more unaffordable, burglaries become more lucrative as there is an increased demand for stolen items – inflation infiltrates all strata of society. 


As house-holders, we may also unintentionally play a part in the increase in burglaries as our priorities narrow too. With less disposable income to spare, we will likely put off that spend on updating locks, installing security systems etc, preferring to prioritise those pesky essentials such as food and drink, and heating our homes. So we’re faced with a combination of increased crime levels and lesser protected homes, and this could well result in the threat of burglary remaining high for months to come. 


Well that’s added to everyone’s feeling of despair. Sorry about that. But now we turn to what we can do about reacting to this risk. Regular readers will be aware of many articles I’ve written about how to keep our homes safe, so a totally free thing you could do would be to make a cuppa, put up your feet and give them a browse for ideas. The message I’m keen to impart is that, although there are external factors over which we have no control, there are other things we CAN change, and not only can these changes improve our security, they can also do wonders for our mental health – the very action of doing something helps us to feel we’re regaining a bit of control and not simply spiralling downwards because of external factors. 


Getting a burglar alarm fitted is still the best security investment you can make for your home. And whilst these used to mean a bit chunk of change, they are now more achievable on a modest outlay. Nearly two thirds of ex-burglars surveyed said that an alarm was one of the main deterrents when they were scoping out properties. So if you can spare some money, even in these difficult times, a burglar alarm is one of those investments that can pay you back many times over. Also, if you’re one of these people who has an alarm but doesn’t use it, either because it was left by a previous owner and you don’t know how to use it, or just because you find it a hassle, I would urge you to start using it each time you leave the house. Again, not only is it a great deterrent, but by setting it you are putting yourself back in control, doing something to protect your house each time you leave it. 


Locks on external doors are something I revisit time and time again on these pages, perhaps not surprisingly given my job title. But, along with alarms, these are your first line of defence against any burglar. Spend five minutes going round your house and checking they are all functioning properly. Any that stick or are too loose may need attention or need replacing. Get them changed to updated locks as soon as you can. A stuck lock may result in you being shut out of your house which is not a pleasant experience, especially as winter approaches but it can also mean the lock is more vulnerable to being snapped or forced by an intruder. 

Whilst checking the locks, take a moment to look at any outbuildings you may have – sheds, garages and the like, to check they’re fully protected before the darker evenings arrive. Do you have a gate that could have a lock fitted on it, are your security lights in working order, and do any motion detectors work properly? All these are worth testing out now before we get into the winter months. 

A locksmith can help with a myriad of security issues and it’s often worth a fresh pair of eyes to look over your premises. This will give you the reassurance you’ve done everything you can to deter any house-breakers, and peace of mind is worth a lot these days. As I said, these aren’t the easiest times with one thing or another, especially coming off the back of Covid, but we’ll get through them, and anything you can do to make your house secure and lessen the risk of a break-in can only be a positive. Take back control so you can feel safe in your home, and confident that when you leave it, nothing untoward will have happened in your absence. Money is tight enough without having to spend it on the aftermath of a break-in. 

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