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Xmas Locksmith Tips Rotherham

22nd December 2018

And so this is Christmas. No, really it is. Despite all assurances after last year that it wouldn't happen again, it's crept up on us once more. But before we can put our feet up for day or two and try and forget anything to do with work, politics, or the continued appeal of Mrs Brown's Boys, I best I'd better pen down something vaguely related to my job. As it's Christmas, and the radio is full to bursting with all the Christmas hits, why don't we go a bit tenuous and explain the connection that many festive songs  have with the art of locksmithery. 

First off, a traditional biggie - O Come All Ye Faithful. Now, you may not realise that this was not the original title of the song. Rather, back in the 19th century it was a song celebrating one of the great lock manufacturers, still known to this day. Rarely a day went by back in those days without choirs belting out O Come all Yale faithful, a song devoted to Linus Yale Jr to commemorate his invention of the Yale pin tumbler lock. Oh come let us adore him indeed, for where would we be without his contribution to the industry?

Moving forward a century or so, and you can't have escaped Slade's Merry Christmas Everybody in the last few weeks. As well as being quite a cash cow for the Midlands band, this too, believe it or not, is a nod to anti-snap locks. When Noddy bawls out "Look to the future now, it's only just begun", not only is he referencing the cylinder locks to come in the next couple of decades, but the "only just begun" line indicates that these wouldn't be the end, and that new antisnap locks would then need to come into being to frustrate the efforts of the 21st century burglars. Quite simple and obvious when you think about it. 

Then of course there's the Pogues and Kirsty MacColl with Fairytale of New York. I can sense your scepticism here, but just inspect the repeated line "The boys of the NYPD choir, were singing 'Galway Bay'". Did you ever think about how they had time to sing Galway Bay? Clearly it is because the citizens of New York had all beefed up their security arrangements, meaning reports of housebreaking had dropped to zero. No burglary call outs meant more time to have a bit of a sing-along in the choir, and that's what happened. 

What else is there? Well, Santa Claus is Coming to Town. What else could this song possibly be about except for a warning to lock all your doors with substantial locks to stop intruders getting in. Think about it - what's another name for Santa Claus? That's right, St Nick. NICK, like what the burglars do to your stuff if they get in. They could have hardly made it any clearer.

Band Aid's Do They Know It's Christmas obviously refers to the fact that potential housebreakers DO know it's Christmas and that you're likely to have fancy (and potentially expensive) presents lying around for them to take. Thanks, Geldof, for warning us about that.  

Aled Jones' Walking in the Air? Not just about a snowman, but also a warning for us all to make sure the upstairs windows are shut so that burglars can't scale a wall and slip inside. Jonah Lewis' Stop the Cavalry? That's a recommendation that you have your alarm regularly serviced as otherwise it might not work and...well, then no cavalry will arrive at all to investigate. 

I mean, I could go on, but I sense if I do I might totally lose my Christmas-addled mind. Needless to say, I may have taken a couple of liberties with, you know, facts, but apart from that, all of the above is almost most definitely true. 

Please have yourself a merry little Christmas (I wasn't able to crowbar that one in, sadly) and I wish all my customers a restful festive period, and a happy new year in 2019. If I can provide any advice or help on any locksmith-related work, call me on 07990573857 and I will be happy to help.


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