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What do locksmiths do?

10th April 2015

We're rapidly approaching the Easter period so here's your theological starter for ten - Who is the patron saint of locksmiths? Yes, there is one, honestly. If you buzzed in and said St Peter then I'm afraid you've lost ten points. He may be the doorman at the gates of heaven, ticking you off his list, or ticking you off and sending you away, but if he has any problems with the blessed locks sticking or snapping, that's well above his pay grade.

In this instance he'd have to call upon the services of the actual patron saint of locksmiths who, as I'm sure we all knew, is St Baldomerus. Old Baldo (as he was almost certainly known amongst his social circle) was a French monk of the 7th Century who was a locksmith by trade before being called from above to devote his life to prayer and contemplation.

Anyway, whilst the trade of locksmithing has continually adapted over the 1400 years since St Baldomerus lost his keys but found God, many of the core aspects remain the same. So on the off chance that Old Baldo comes to you in a dream and you find yourself struggling to unlock the conversation (UNLOCK - classic locksmith humour, see), here's a few pointers as to what my work as a locksmith entails. 

Patently, a major portion of my working week as a locksmith is concerned with the provision and installation of locks in a wide range of situations, to suit all manner of customers' needs. Internal doors, external doors, windows, sheds, garages - I fit locks in these domestic settings on a daily basis, and also regularly work in the commercial sector, fitting and fixing locks in shops, warehouses etc, not forgetting the third sector in offices, community centres etc. Basically the list of places I can be called to fit a lock is as long as the list of patron saints - there's even a Patron Saint of hangovers, for heaven's sake! (St Bibiana which I'm sure was already on the tip of your tongue).

When to replace your door or window locks

Replacement locks may be necessary for a myriad of reasons.  General wear and tear is a big one - everyday use takes its toll as much with locks as with any other appliance you may use on a daily basis. Old locks may simply come to the end of their usable life and give way. I am able to inspect locks to see if this is the case, whilst giving you the benefit of my expertise and experience, advising on the best lock replacements, ensuring they're up to the latest quality standards. I can also inspect your all round property security, giving you pointers on where additional locking points on windows or doors could beef up your protection, and advising on whether your current locks suffice for your insurance policy.

I often turn up at a property to find that locks have been heavily damaged following a burglary (or attempted burglary). After calling the police, I would suggest a locksmith then comes top of the list of people to call so that the property can be quickly secured, and any damage swiftly repaired. Locks can be fixed in some instances and I will advise customers if this is possible. If not, it would be a case of fitting new locks with the minimum of fuss, as well as dealing with any broken doors/windows or their associated frames and hinges.

Lost your keys... no problem!

Arriving home and searching your pockets in vain for keys is one of those instances that immediately makes your heart sink. Losing one's keys is an annoyance (not to mention an embarrassment at times) but you're not alone - many of us have done it. If you keep the number of a locksmith (hey, why not mine!) in your phone, all does not have to be lost. As a professional, I can gain access to your property, breaking the lock if necessary. Once you're safely in the house I will then fit a replacement. Yes, it's still a hassle but I can break the lock in a way that will not damage the door itself, saving more unnecessary cost. It's much more cost effective (and safer) than trying to climb the drain pipe and break in by smashing an upstairs window. 

As well as locks on properties I also encounter work involving many different sorts of padlocks and bolts on gates, sheds and outbuildings. I install safes in properties and businesses for storing those most precious of valuables, or shop takings etc. I have installed digi-lock code pads at offices.  Even St Baldomerus would need some refresher training on the last two of those!4

Free advice from a Rotherham locksmith

If I can provide any further advice or for a free quote on any locksmith in Rotherham related work, please call today on 01709 711 055.

All hail St Baldomerus, and a happy Easter to you all.

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