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Rotherham Locksmith Spring Security Advice

23rd March 2019

Well, hello there and a belated happy 2019 to you. I’d like to say I’d been doing something exciting, and that’s the reason for my brief absence from these pages but that would be a lie. Work, winter and life took over for the last two and a half months. But now spring is on the horizon and with it come all sort of, well… springy arrivals like warmer weather, new-born lambs, and…err… new things to look out for when it comes to home security. Much as I’m all across the subject of birthing lambs, it’s more the latter subject that I’ll be concerned about today – a look at how to keep safe as the warmer weather arrives. 

As the strange yellow orb reappears in the sky, it may get to the point where you’re considering opening a window or two to get some fresh air circulating. Unless you live next door to a manure-processing plant, that is, in which case, my sympathies, but I’m sure it’s bracing in its own way. Nevertheless, window opening is all well and good for the health and to get rid of the musty winter smells but it does increase the risk of an opportunistic thief taking their chance to nip in to your property. 

There are a couple of ways around this.  Opening a smaller window which is too narrow for a potential intruder to gain access is one course of action, whilst leaving the larger windows shut. Most windows have a locking facility, and some of these allow the user to lock the window mechanism even when open, so make use of this. Alternatively, a sensible course of action is to only keep the windows open on the side of the house where you are present. Leaving all the front windows open and then disappearing into the back of your house leaves your house much more vulnerable to being broken in to and you may never even discover it’s happened until hours later.

Whilst we’re on the subject, the same issues apply to cars too. We all know cars can get uncomfortably warm in the summer months, but leaving them on the drive with a window open is a risky strategy, potentially leading to either the contents being pilfered or, worse case scenario, the whole car disappearing. Comfort is one thing, but keep security at the forefront of your mind too – better to have 30 seconds of discomfort in a slightly too warm car than days of hassle, dealing with the police and insurance companies. The general message here is to be careful when opening windows, although don’t tell Bill Gates I said that – a little treat there for the computer folk, you’re welcome. 

Spring is also a time when we turn our attention to our gardens. This may involve a renewed motivation (for at least one weekend) to make this the year that the lawn is finally kept under control, those plants are cut back, and all those exterior home improvements are finally gotten underway – well we can dream, after all. All this work means equipment, and whether it be gleaming new lawnmowers, sparkling gardening tools, or shiny new stepladders, these are rich pickings for your neighbourhood burglar. Remove that temptation by locking away all equipment securely after use, especially overnight. Yes, it might be a hassle at the end of a long day of getting frustrated at your own DIY failings, but give yourself a minute or two each evening to ensure everything is properly locked up for the night. If your tools are kept in a shed, invest in a heavy duty padlock at the minimum, and try and place items so they’re not easily seen through a window that a passing burglar could smash. 

As you enjoy your garden, don’t forget to keep doors locked too. Most burglaries in our area now take place when the owners are present on the property – it’s a much easier job for a thief to enter through an unlocked door than have to go to all the trouble of breaking in. Make it a routine to lock your front door once you’re in the house – that way you decrease the risk of coming in after a day in the back garden to find unwelcome intruders have been helping themselves to your property. Nothing quite brings you back to earth with a bang after enjoying a warm Spring day than discovering you’ve been burgled – the psychological benefits of the sunshine don’t last long when that happens!

Please do enjoy the Spring and the warm weather if and when it arrives. But also take consideration of the security of your house in these months and don’t make your house an easy target for those not so welcome Spring arrivals. 

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