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Avoid becoming a victim of a Rotherham burglary

17th May 2015

Flicking through the local news sites this week, a story in the Rotherham Advertiser caught my eye. It described a recent case at the Magistrate's court which saw a man charged with carrying out three burglaries in Doncaster on the same day - one at a property in Brinsworth and two in Herringthorpe.

Three burglaries in one day!

Now, whilst I rather enjoy kicking back to the strains of Crowded House's Four Seasons in One Day, Three Burglaries in One Day is a far less appealing prospect. Reports such as these immediately cause my blood pressure to spike, not only due to the usual human empathetic reaction we all feel, but also because I see at first hand the effects that these burglaries have on the victims. 

You may be thinking "Well hang on, surely break-ins are GOOD news for locksmiths - they give you extra work?" and whilst I can see the logic in this argument, it's honestly a fallacy.  Nothing would give me greater pleasure than for all burglaries to immediately stop and to never have to be called out as an emergency locksmith ever again. I would much rather stick to regular hours, carrying out day-to-day locksmith work, and dealing with customers who are not in a state of trauma.

The effect that a break-in has on a victim

This is the thing that burglars don't consider (or if they do, they simply don't care). The effect that a break-in has on a victim can be severe and long-lasting. I'm often called out to the scene of a break-in to find customers in a state of great distress. This is where as well as being a locksmith - ensuring their property is made secure etc -  I also find myself in a counselling role. Aside from the police, I'm often the first person the homeowner has spoken to since discovering the break-in. As such I am regularly a sounding board upon which the stressed customer can offload, and I try to assuage their fears. By ensuring their property is made as safe as possible I can provide reassurance that they have done all they can possibly do to prevent a repeat occurrence. 

It's a rewarding job, sure, especially when I am able to lessen the anxiety felt by the homeowner, but I sure wish I didn't have to do it. And I know that in many cases a level of anxiety will stay there for weeks, months, even years - the after-effects of a burglary can be so long-lasting which is why my dander gets well and truly up when I read about a case such as the one above where a man has broken into several properties in one day. I doubt he gave a second thought to the victims and if he hadn't been caught I'm sure he'd have carried on going about his life pretty much forgetting about what he'd done. If only the victims could do the same. Instead many will be living in fear for quite some time, the psychological effects on them far outweighing any on the culprit himself. 

Home security, be pro-active about preventing burglaries

At least in this case, a suspect has been caught. But sadly, I know there will be others to take his place. However, I'd like to assure you, there ARE things you can do to drastically lessen your chances of falling victim to these criminals. Why not check out my previous home security blog post for specific practical advice on ensuring your locks are up to date and your security arrangements are comprehensive. And of course, by employing the use of a qualified locksmith such as myself BEFORE any break-in occurs, you can get specialist advice and an all round security review. These are the jobs that are far less stressful - helping customers be pro-active about preventing burglaries before they happen, rather than dealing with the emotional after-effects of a break in. 

Needless to say, I shall continue to do the latter, and with over 20 years of experience in the trade, I like to think I do as good a job as any, with customers most grateful for the reassurance and professional service I provide. But as I've said before in this blog, and I shall no doubt say again in future, although it's a rewarding part of my job, I just wish there was no need for this service. 

On a positive note, the suspect in the above case has been remanded into custody and is due to appear at Sheffield Crown Court later in May. So he's temporarily off the streets, unable to continue his misdeeds. Let's hope, whatever the outcome, the effects on the victims are taking into account in any sentencing.

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